We are a new innovative agency focusing not only on finding the perfect match between au pairs and families, but also providing after care for au pairs throughout the year. We believe in balancing benefits where the au pair enjoys a great exploration year and the host family has a reliable guardian for their children.

Our objectives are:

  • Increase the demand for au pairs.
  • Focus on aftercare once a match has been made.
  • Promote a European gap year
  • Offer a secure, digital portal designed for au pair matching.

We invite you to explore our options, register a profile fee of charge or contact us.

An au pair is

A bright young woman or man, between 18-31 who wants to participate in a cultural exchange program. You dedicate a year to look after a family's children in return for lodging. An au pair is mature, curious and independent.

A host family is

Internationally orientated and wants to invest in a cultural exchange program. It is about a flexible child guardian in exchange for the au pair's home away from home.